Woodworking Classes

This class is for individuals with little or no experience.  We start with the basics for all your future woodworking project.  We pick our lumber, mill it to size, glue panels where necessary, and learn a basic but strong method of joinery.  All students will leave class with a completed small side table or small bookshelf.

You can choose to build a table or bookcase for your beginner class. Beginner classes are offered once per month. Please call 303-902-8856 or email for details. Class Fee includes all materials, safety equipment, and use of equipment.

Table Class - $135.75

Bookshelf Class - $148.75

Intermediate Project Class

This class is for all students who have completed our beginner class or who demostrate basic skills. In this student directed class, you are allowed to pick your own project and see it through to its completion.
Instructors guide you through the process of learning the skills necessary for your chosen project.  Classes are offered every Wednesday evening from 5-8pm. Class Fee includes instruction and use of the equipment. Materials are NOT included in this price.

Four Classes - $199.00

Intermediate Project Class - $199

Calendar of Events and Classes

Other classes offered upon demand include: Cabinet Building, Log furniture, or Private Instruction

We are very flexible and can build classes to meet your requirements. Contact us at 303-902-8856 or tgray00@aol.com to schedule a private class.