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Denver Beginner Woodworking Classes

Our Denver beginner woodworking classes are for individuals with little or no experience.  We start with the basics for all your future woodworking projects.  We pick our lumber, mill it to size, glue panels where necessary, and learn a basic but strong method of joinery.  We learn the use and safety of the table saw, jointer, planer, router and other tools.  All students will leave class with a completed small side table or small bookshelf.

You can choose to build a table or bookcase for your beginner class. Beginner classes are offered once per month. Please call 303-902-8856 or email for details. Class Fee includes all materials, safety equipment, and use of equipment.  Check out the class schedule calendar below. Classes are offered in Denver and various locations throughout Colorado.  Intermediate classes are available for the more advanced woodworker.

What will I learn in the beginner class?

You will learn to safely use the table saw, jointer, planer, miter saw and router to build either a small table or small bookcase. You will learn the process of gluing up panels to look like one board. Then, you will learn a simple method of joinery that will allow you to build many other projects. The lessons learned in the beginner class are the most important lessons for all of your next projects. We learn how these machines work together to make a board square and straight. At the end, we learn how to finish the project to look professional with little effort. You will do the final finish at home, but we discuss how to make it look great with stain and top coat.

Where and when are the beginner classes?

Beginner classes are offered once per month and the dates are listed on the calendar at the bottom of this page or click here. The beginner class is a two-day class from 9-1 both Saturday and Sunday. The main location for this class is 2553 S Colorado, Denver. I also teach a one-day beginner class occasionally in Berthoud, Colorado. Check calendar for dates or give me a call at 303-902-8856.

Is it safe?

Yes, woodworking can be a very safe hobby if you have quality instruction. I have been teaching this beginner class for over 17 years and I have NEVER had any significant injury in this class.

Are there any other fees?

NO, the class fee for the table class is 155.00 and the bookcase is 175.00. Everything is included. No surprise fees.

Can I get a Gift Certificates?

Yes, I do! You can purchase any class for your wife, husband, or friend and relax because it will never expire, and they can use the gift certificate for any class. You can purchase one class and if they decide they would rather take a different class, that is no problem. The money is transferable. I can also send you an electronic certificate for them upon request.

I’m Ready! How do I sign up?

Click the paypal button below either the table or bookcase class. You will automatically be signed up for the next class. If you would like to take a different class, just email or call 303-902-8856 and you will be moved to the desired class.

A Student Project

A Student Project

A Student Project

A Student Project

Happy Classmates

Happy Classmates

Beginner Table Class - $155.00

Beginner Bookshelf Class - $175.00

Intermediate Project Class

This class is for all students who have completed our beginner class or who demonstrate basic skills. In this student directed class, you are allowed to pick your own project and see it through to its completion. Instructors will guide you through the process of learning the skills necessary for your chosen project.  Intermediate project classes are offered every Wednesday evening from 6-9pm. Class Fee includes instruction and use of the equipment. Materials are NOT included in this price.

Four 3-Hour Classes - $199.00

What will I learn in the intermediate class?

The intermediate class is a student directed class. In other words, you decide what you want to make and that is what we do as a team. We can guide you from design to completion. Some people already know what they want to make and some just want to learn skills. I have a great project for those just wanting to learn skills where you can learn dovetails, mortise and tenon, curves, and tapers in a small project that will not cost much for materials. Popular projects in this class are jewelry boxes, butcher blocks, coffee tables, dining tables, larger bookshelves, and cabinets. You are only limited by your imagination.

Are there any other fees?

Yes, you will be responsible for purchasing your own materials and bringing them to the shop. You are welcome to leave materials at the shop, within reason, and if you are attending class each week.

Where, when and how much are intermediate classes?

This class is taught at 2555 S Santa Fe, Denver every Wednesday evening from 6-9. Depending on enrollment, we open Monday evenings from 6-9. The cool thing about this class is you attend class when your available. It is really just shop time with instructors present to help you with your projects. The classes never expire. The fee for the intermediate class is 199.00 for 4 classes to use at your convenience.

Can I buy a gift certificate?

Yes, you can purchase a class and the recipient can use the certificate for any class they like.

I’m Ready! How do I sign up?

Click here and you will be directed to paypal to pay for class. Then just shoot me an email on when you would like to start and we will give you a date.



Intermediate Project Class - $199

Another Student Project

Another Student Project

Additional Classes

Cabinet Building, Log furniture, or Private Instruction

We are very flexible and can build Denver woodworking classes to meet your requirements. Contact us or email woodworkertracy@gmail.com to schedule a private class.  Have an area of education not listed?  We can help!  Contact us with details of your needs and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Did you know we also do custom work?  View some of our custom work portfolio.

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